Zachary Reese

New Media Designer

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(215) 821 - 8467

My name is Zachary and I'm a New Media person from Philadelphia. I create engaging content — websites, videos, games, apps — while making sure it's not only pretty, but accessible as well. I'm also great with animals.

Some Projects I've Been Working On

Website for The Inevitable Object Registry, a small music project I'm working on with musician Chad Clikeman. Chad and I have been collaborating on music and design ideas for about 15 years now, so we figured it was time to get organized and set up an identity in order to catalog our output. The site fully integrates with Bandcamp, a music hosting solution, so that users can easily download songs or order limited edition, handmade physical copies of the albums directly from us. We wanted to a way to offer up painless downloading while still giving an option for those that wanted something tangible and special... a dual-distribution model not currently possible through iTunes and other online marketplaces.

Some videos explaining the features behind AWeber Communications, an email service provider. I worked as AWeber's in-house video guy for two years and produced a ton of content for them... advertisements, interview videos, DVDs, webinars. Motion graphics is definitely one of my favorite types of work to do, and I've maintained a focus in it throughout all my years of dabbling in other fields.

I worked with Quirk Books and my childhood friend Ethan McCreadie to come up with this clever Mother's Day gift: a book of yo momma compliments. It's filled with ridiculous photos of suburban moms doing mom stuff -- cutting the crusts off of sandwiches, gardening, throwing tupperware parties -- with matching non-offensive yo momma jokes. "Yo momma has such a green thumb plants talk to her!" This is a real book that you can buy at bookstores, which made my own mom mighty proud. I also ran a huge online marketing effort leading up to the book's release, with functioning as a hub for readers to submit their own yo momma compliments, the best of which get pushed to the book's official Twitter and Facebook pages.

I contributed an article to The Controller, a book by designer Cory Schmitz. It's about the intersection between art and narrative experiences in video games. This came about because I run a (somewhat) well-regarded blog where I write critically about new media, video games and other interactive arts. It's strictly a hobby project but it's lead to some really cool opportunities, and I've met a lot wonderful and passionate people as a result of it.

Some More About Me



Brainstorming an idea, refining it, and making it work (and making sure it looks good, too).


Designing production workflows to make sure things go smoothly and projects can be easily maintained without any hiccups.


Motion graphics, location shooting, editing, DVD authoring and all other parts of the video production chain.

Interactive Design

Kiosks, games, mobile apps — knowing hardware and useability standards is half the battle.

Web Design

PHP, CSS, HTML and dozens of other initialisms that make the web work.

Social Media

I don't just make cool stuff... I know how to market it too, and the best practices involved.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • Flash
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Zachary Reese — — (215) 821 - 8467